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AXIS P39 Network Camera

AXIS P39 Network Camera

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AXIS P39 Network Camera Series

High-performance domes

for onboard surveillance


AXIS P3904-R is specially designed for HDTV 720p video surveillance in or on

buses, trains, subway cars and emergencyvehicles. The compact, rugged and

discreet camera has IP67-rated protection against dust and water, and can

withstandtough conditions such as vibrations, shocks and temperature fluctuations.

The active tampering alarm detects tamperingattempts, such as blocking or

spray-painting. AXIS P3904-R is specially adapted to respond quickly to changes

in lightlevels, ensuring that high image quality is maintained. Traffic Light mode helps

distinguishing colors of traffic lightsin very dark scenes.

The pixel counter helps verifying that the pixel resolution of an object meets

specific customer requirements.

> Compact, rugged design

> HDTV video quality

> Traffic Light mode

> Edge storage

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