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AXIS F1004 Sensor Unit

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AXIS F1004 Sensor Unit

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AXIS F1004 Sensor Unit

Super small size and price

for discreet surveillance

AXIS F1004 Sensor Unit is small in size and price. For use with an AXIS F

Main Unit, AXIS F1004 offers a lower cost,highly discreet sensor unit for indoor

surveillance applications. AXIS F1004, which comprises a fixed lens and

imagesensor, provides a 720p resolution and a 102º horizontal field of view.

AXIS F1004 has a detachable 8-m (26 ft.) cable forconnecting to a main unit.

A flush ceiling/wall mount kit is included. Optional accessories include surface and

recessedmounts that enable the sensor unit to be tilted, and a 15-m (49 ft.)

cable for connecting AXIS F1004 to a main unit.

> Small size and price

> 102º horizontal field of view

> HDTV 720p

> Detachable cable for easy and flexible installation

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