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Thermal Camera true thermal camera with smaller FOV

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Thermal Camera
true thermal camera with smaller FOV

OEM - IR313

Product description: 

true thermal black bus cctv 700tvl camera truck camera cctv camera 

night vision camera waterproof hd ccd camera


The car IR aid camera's visual range is up to 5 times of the range of standard

headlights. Enables the driver to recognize pedestrians, animals and

objects ahead in darkness, smoke, fog, rain, snow and strong headlight glaring.

Allows more time to react to any potential dangers 

Convenient installation Compact profile 

Multiple application:

Security and vehicle, including military vehicles

and aftermarket commercial vehicles

Camera specification

Detector Type 384X288 Asi Microbolometer

Spectral Range 8~14um

Optical Lens 14.8 mm /F#0.96

FOV 21° X28°

IFOV 1.7 mrad

NETD 100mk@25℃

MRTD 500mk@25℃

Image presentation

Video Output 40HZ PAL or 30HZ NTSC

Adjust Auto brightness and contrast adjustmentImage calibration

Auto calibration without shutter

Image recognition auto pedestrian recognition

Alarm auto

System performancestart up time 8-s


≤2℃ activate defroster automatically

@-30℃ deice 1mm ice within 15m

≥7℃ close defroster automatically


External DC adapter 7V~36V DC

Power dissipation


≤1.4W without alarm function

InterfacesCommand and Control RS232

Image display Real time on PC or indicated monitor


Operating Temperature -40 deg to 70deg

Storage temperature -45 deg to 80deg

Dust protection MIL-std810Rating


Weight (including lens) ≤1kg

Size 84mm X 63mm X 101mm


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