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CCTV Microphone For CCTV Camera

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Seurity Microphone/CCTV Microphone For CCTV Camera Camera DVR 

Product Overview:

This Sound Monitor for CCTV Security System.
This is a fine microphone of low noise Sound Monitor.
Compact design allows easy installation.
Clear voice, low noise high fidelity, applies to a variety of situations.
White Sound Monitor adapted to bank, prison,examination room, shopping malls and so on.
Casing made of plastic material, Alarm System Sound Monitor quite easy for you clean in daily use.

Features & Specifications:

Extremely Sensitive
Great for Security Monitoring
Higher S/N Ratio
Range : 150 Square metres
Sensitivity : 200mA/ubar
Work current :5 mA-60mA
Work Voltage:4-14V
Max output Voltage:5V-upp


Package Include :

1x Audio Security Microphone


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