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RS232 to RS485 Converter 2

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Converter 2

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RS232 to RS485 converter


1. General

This product is the interface converter between RS-232 and RS-485. It is powered from serial port(such as COM port of computer ), no outside power needed. Small size, long transmission distance, high rate, stable performance. It applys DB9 common serial port. It is used widely in the field of electricity, industrial automatic control, IC card billing system. It is a high quality low price data interface conversion product. 

2. Function & Features 

a) Convert RS-232 data transmit (TXD) and data receive (RXD) signal into balance half duplex RS-485 signals. 

b) No outside power needed, powered from RS-232 port

c) Point to multiple point 

3. Performance parameter Interface:

Compatible with EIA/TIA RS-232C and RS-485 standard Transmission rate: 0-115,200 bps Transmission distance: 1,200m(RS-485 end) 5m (RS-232 end) Working environment: -50℃ to 70℃, relative humidity 5% to 95% 

4. Pin assignments 

RS-232C PIN explain RS-485 PIN explain

 Note: 32 pieces of 485 equipment can be connected to this product. 


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