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GPS GSM GPRS tracker configurable cable

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GPS GSM GPRS tracker configurable cable & update firmware


RS232 Configure &update firmware special Cable

One cable can be used on hundreds of gps trackers

RS232 Cable is a special Cable that has been modify from normal RS232 Cable.

It can be used to configure all our GPS Vehicle and Personal Trackers on PC, which help you configure lots of gps trackers ,no need to send SMS by cell phone one by one .

It also can help you updated new firmware of the following gps trackers .

Before you start to use the Configure Software, please connect our GPS Tracker to your computer through the configure cable, the small port is connect to GPS tracker, the other port is connect to your PC. One Cable can configure all of your tracker.

After you bought it , if you don't have the configurable software or latest firmware , please feel free to contact us via email:candybeststore@gmail.com


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Need our configurable special cable to use the following software which has been included in the manual CD when you bought GPS trackers


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