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Mini DV camera HD 1280*720P Sport hd digital video camera...

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Mini DV camera  HD 1280*720P

Sport hd digital video camera - SORT


1 Latest Released HD 720P Mini camera

2 Video resolution: 1280 * 720   Camera resolution: 1280 * 720

3 start: In the off state, long press the key to open until the red light, release the

key to open the product into the TF card initialization state, after lights indicate the following:

TF card initialization success: blue light is off, a long red light, into the (video recording mode) standby.         

No cards: red and blue lights flashing alternately five times after shutdown.         

Card is full: red and blue lights flashing alternately 8 times after shutdown.         

Low power: red and blue lights blink three times after shutdown;.

4 the video features:In the boot state, long press the M key, red and blue lights flash once

after exterminate, into the video mode   

In the video function state (blue light long flashes).

5 Exit the video:In the video mode, short press the M key, the product stop recording

and save the file, a long red light, to return to standby.   

In the recording process, the product every 30 minutes will automatically save the file and

another to create a new video file to continue recording.

6 the camera features:In standby mode, press a key, the blue light flashes once, this product is

a photograph and save it to TF card.

7 Shutdown: in the boot state (regardless of the operating mode), press the key, the product will

stop and save the current file, red and blue dual-lamp is off, then immediately shut down.

8 Modified: modify the current time to the root directory of TF card time.txt file, and then boot

again, time time.txt within the file is updated to the product.

12 PC Camera + USB Mic: In connection U disk mode, press the key to open the product that

exits the U disk and enter PC Camera + USB Mic function.

13 charging: Connect this product to a computer with a USB cable or 5V charger, you can

charge for this product.   

Flashing red slowly: is charging.    Long red light: the battery is fully charged.


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