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Hidden Water Bottle Spy Camera Full HD 1080P 16 GB

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Hidden Water Bottle Spy Camera

Full HD 1080P 


Specification: This stylish Cup Hidden camera has complete functions of an ordinary Cup. More importantly, it is a professional camera. There is a pinhole camera inside the radio. With no visible cords, plugs, or buttons, even a trained professional would not be able to tell that this radio is a hidden camera. Because of its good disguise, you can put it anywhere and it wont cause doubt. You can use it to shoot something you consider it is amazing. If you are out, it can help you record what happened. Thieves and intruders will never suspect that this radio is actually a hidden camera capturing their every move. Isnt it a good helper for you? Features: It supports video recording. It also can be a removable disk. Looks just like a normal bottle of water Specifications: Control chip: General plus 1247 Lens model: GC 1024 Battery capacity: 400ma Pure cobalt Bottle material: Imported PET food grade Injection molding material: ABS translucent Video resolution: 1920*1080P AVI TF card support: up to 64GB Working life: up to about 180mins when charge fully. Change the time: Create a file named ''time.txt'' Charging: 5V charger. Retail box size: 230*120*75mm 


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