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Smoke detector spy camera 0GB

Smoke detector spy camera 0GB

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Smoke detector spy camera



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1. New and high quality

2. Record and photograph anytime by one-touch

3. Can record during charging

4. Network remote video function, very convenient

5. High-speed dynamic video, transient response in light and dark environment

6. Easy connection configuration

7. Point-to-point direct connected video function


1. Video Format: AVI

2. Resolution: VGA(720 x 480)

3.Frames 30FPS

4.Power 130MA/307V

5. Sensor camera line: 6 m

6. Minimum illumination 1LUX

7. Battery: 2200MA

8. Working Temperature: 10C ~ 60C

9. Storage temperature 20C~ 60C

10.Memory card type:TF card

How to use:

the instructions

1.open top screw cap, insert the TF card, open the “ON” Boot

2.with the remote at the front of the machine press the power button boot,

red and blue dual-lamp light, initialization is complete, blue light, a long red light,

into the standby state.

3.(Photo) in the standby mode, click the camera button, blue light, red light off,

take the picture and save

4.(video) in standby mode, click the video button, the red light flashes three times to

burn out, start recording in video mode, click the video button to stop recording and save

it into standby mode

5.(Solo Recording) in the standby mode, click the Record button alone, red light

flashes three times to burn out, into the recording state, click button to stop recording

and save the recording(Motion) in the standby mode, click the Motion button, red and

blue lights blink after exterminate looked into standby mode in motion detection, moving

objects in front of the machine, move the flashing blue lights about to enter the motion

detection recording, motion detection key in the press, stop motion detection and

automatically enter standby mode to save

7.(webcam) before using the software installation CD in the drive, the machine in the

OFF state, insert the USB cable into the PCCAM (webcam)

8.Charge: The charger can be connected to the computer and charge the product in the

state of charge, the flashing blue light, blue light after full charge

9.Reset: When the product of illegal operation or other inexplicable reason to stop

responding when the toggle switch to OFF, then hit the ON state can reset the product

10.When the low battery, the blue light flashing or on-screen display is unclear at this

time that the charge should be immediately, when there is no electricity, the file is

automatically stored.


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