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Hi3512 Platform Vehicle-Mounted DVR

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6004S Based On Hi3512 Platform

Vehicle-Mounted DVR


1. Using H.264 Compression algorithm, high compression ratio, image more clearly
2. With 8-36 V wide voltage design, for all kinds of automobiles
3. Support one D1 and three CIF realtime recording
4. Support 4-32G SD card storage
5. Using special file management mechanism, it can encrypt the data, and effectively protect data security
6. With dual streaming technology, it can ensure the effect of local video recording, and also ensure the wireless transmission effect
7. Support to overlay some vehicle informations, such as the stops information, speed, brake signal, and door open or closed signal
8. 3G transmission

9. GPS

10. Motion detection

Project Device parameter  Performance
System Processor  Hi3512
Operation System  Embedded Linux OS
Operating language  Simplified/En/Traditional
Operator interface  GUI, support mouse
Safety management  User password, Admin password in two layer management system
Video Video standard  PAL(625 lines,50 scenes/sec);NTSC(525lines,60 scenes/sec)
Video Compression  H.264(Main Profile)
Live view quality  D1
Playback quality  CIF/D1
Encoding capacity  1D1+3CIF realtime; 4CIF realtime
Decoding capacity  1D1 realtime; 4CIF realtime
Input  4 channel composite video input
Output  2 channel composite video output
Display Single picture 4 pictures; alarm screen automatic switch
Audio Compression  ADPCM
Input  4 channel audio input
Output  1 channel audio output
Recording mode  Video and audio synchronously recording
Speech talkback  Supported
Recording & playback Recording type  Manual?Schedule Alarm Circle recording
Video bitrate  64Kbps~1.5Mbps
Audio bitrate  8KB/s
Storage medium  Support 1 SD card
Recording file search type  According to channel , time, video types
Playback  Playback by files; 4 channels playback
Startup/ Startup mode  ACC, Schedule
Shutdown Shutdown mode  ACC delayed shutdown. Schedule shutdown hard disk lock off shutdown
Software updating Update mode  Manual automatic updating when power on
Update method  USB interface; SD card; wireless
Interface Video input  4 channels aviation head interface
Video output  1 channel aviation head interface;1 channel RCA interface
Audio input  4 channels aviation head interface
Audio output  1channel aviation head interface
SD card  1 SDHC(Maximum support 32G)
USB interface  1 USB 2.0; 1 USB1.1(external)
Hard disk interface  1 SATA interface(use USB2.0 interface to convert)
Mouse  1(USB1.1)
Ignition Signal  1
Alarm input  4
RS485 port  1
RS232 port  1
IR port  1
Wireless interface  3G(through 3G daughter board expansion)
3G /GPS GPS  RS232 interface, according to NMEA-0183 protocol
3G  USB interface, support  EVDO & WCDMA
Auxiliary software PC playback software  Playback the recording files on PC,and analyze all informations that overlayed in the file, such as IO signal, GPS info.
CMS  Through wireless network achieve the functions such as remote video live view?GPS uploading?alarm uploading, central command issuing ,parameter setup.
Others Power input  DC: 8V~36V
Power output  +12V@2A; +5V@2A
Work temperature  -20 +60
Power consumption  Standby: 3.6W    fully loaded: 27W
Size  (114.00)x(130.00)mm


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