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Parrot Disco FPV

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Parrot Disco FPV



Fly, spin, and glide without stopping

Aerodynamic design, streamlined look, fixed wings, light carbon and EPP

(expanded polypropylene) body etc.: Parrot DISCO is naturally designed to fly

like a plane. With the Parrot COCKPITGLASSES, discover FPV (First Person View)

to fly completely immersed. Alternate straight lines and turns, take the time to glide

and enjoy the view, then speed up, dive down and climb back up. Feel extreme flight

Change your point of viewWith Parrot COCKPITGLASSES, feel the ultimate immersive

flying sensation. The Parrot DISCO drone comes with a 1080p Full HD front camera

stabilised on 3 axes. Connected to the FreeFlight Pro application, just put your

smartphone in the Parrot COCKPITGLASSES. It's as if you were flying: the skyline

changes when you turn. Spread your wings and live out the most incredible flights!

Fly faster, for longerWith Parrot DISCO, reach 80km/h in flight with its powerful motor

and enjoy the experience for longer: a high-capacity battery guarantees you up to

45 minutes of battery life. Piloted from the new Parrot Skycontroller 2, it has an

optimised and secure Wi-Fi connection, with live video feedback on your smartphone

with the FreeFlight Pro app. More than ever, the sky is yours. How far will you go?

Pilot easily and preciselyWith the Parrot SKYCONTROLLER 2, use two joysticks

for an ultra-precise piloting experience and fly your Parrot DISCO up to 2 km away!

Take off and land with a single click. Leave for adventure and go back to the starting

point on autopilot; play with altitudes and speeds, stability is guaranteed with the

anti-stall system. Change directions, film long scenes thanks to 32 GB of internal

memory and modify control settings: you're in command for highly intense flights.


• Size : 1150 mm x 580mm x 120 mm

• Wingspan : 1150 mm (45 in)


• 750gr | 26oz


• Size : 1150 mm x 580mm x 120 mm

• EPP foam and carbon tube


• Motor 1280kv

• Servomoteur 5V

• RF Receiver ready SBUS, SUMD, CPPM


• Built-in GPS : GPS + GLONASS

Video & Image

• 1080p Full HD camera

• Streaming video : 360p / 720p


• Linux & Open source SDK for App development


• Ultrasound

• Altimeter

• Optical flow camera

• Airspeed sensor (Pitot tube)

Inertial navigation system

• 3 axis gyroscope

• 3 axis accelerometer

• 3-axes magnetometer


•CPU Dual core Cortex A9

• Internal Flash Memory: 32GB

Wi-Fi and transmissions

• Access point network

• WiFi AC-type, 2 bi-band antennas (2,4 and 5GHz)

• Up to 2km with Parrot SKYCONTROLLER or SKYCONTROLLER 2

Removable battery

• 2700 mAh / 25A 3 cells Lipo Battery

• Battery life : 45min


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