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Mini USB endoscopy camera 10m

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Product features:

1. The mini endoscopy is a true plug-and-play driver not installed, convenient detection equipment and a 10 mm camera ( 0.3937inch )

2. A new electronic health and industrial pipeline detection products, which can capture the image, to the computer in real time video and photos, storage, printing, or uploaded to the internet.

3. You can use it to check, ear detection, etc.

4. Waterproof camera and hose, length of 2 - 15 meters optional

5. 4 white LED light adjustable.

Product Specifications:

1.Camera head outer diameter: Φ 10mm (0.3937inch);  Total length : The 2-15 meters optional ; 

2.Waterproof Leval: IP*67

3.Resolution : 640*480 30ftps

4.USB2.0 interface, Can adjust the 4 light-emitting diodes

5.Focal distance:4-6cm or 6cm-infinite

6.Packing size : 192mm*137mm*43mm

Basic computer inquires:

1.Connecting computer to the video endoscope, you must satisfy requirements Below:

2.Computer must have at least one serviceable USB connection port.

3.System: Windows 98 / 2000 / Me / XP /Vista/ 7 , Mac 10.43 / 10.49

4. Internal memory: 64MB or higher

5.Display: Picture element 640X480 or higher

6.CPU: Pentiums 300 or higher

7.Hard disk serviceable space: 12MB or Above

Lamp regulation

When the video image brightness failed to meet your requirements, you can use the control box of the knob (Reference Introduction Figure ) of brightness regulation.

take pictures

In the Windows 7 orVistasystem, we use CD software photograph, File ' > ' Set Capture file ' to set the storage path, choose Capture ' > ' snapshot' pictures; in XP or other system, using computer with a built-in camera to take pictures.



Click on the" Rscapl.10" software" Capture " under the" Start Capture" to start recording, then click the" Capture" directory" Stop Capture" to stop the video, video storage path and image storage path the same. Note: the CD inside the "Rscapl.10" software can be copied to the computer using.


Health examination(oral examination,ear detection),Search and rescue,pipeline inspection,engine inspection,video monitor,The household water pipe inspection, corrosion and blocking the drainage tube,sewer inspection ,cast mould inwall inspection



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