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Outdoor Micro Thermal Imaging camera

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Outdoor Micro Thermal Imaging camera KV30A



Kinghome KV30A series is featured with compact size (70x48x48mm)


and light weight (0.23kg). Adopted the latest thermal vision technology,


it can produce sharp clear images with extremely wide view in complete


darkness, light fog and smoky conditions. With IP 66 enclosure, it is your


ideal choice for outdoor covert surveillance and security requirements.






* Plug and Play design with one port.


* Short response time


* Wide angle lens delivers super wide viewing range.


* Easy operation and integration.


* Hermetically sealed water and dust proof.


* compact size(70x48x48mm) and light weight (0.23kg)


* Affordable price and high reliability.






* Entrance security;


* Bank/ Warehouse/ home surveillance;


* Micro drones or UAV systems need;


* Intelligent traffic security


* Night driving vision enhancer and etc.



Key parameters:




Resolution (Pixels) 384X288


Pixel size 25um


Sensitivity <80Mk@25°C


Full frame rate 50Hz( Pal)


DRI range to man (1.7X0.5m): 450/ 110/55 m(10mm) ; 680/ 170/ 85m (15mm)


DRI range to vehicle (2.3X2.3m): 610/150/75 (m)






10/15mm lens options


Field of View


55°(H)X41°(V) (10mm)


37°(V)X28°(H) (15mm)


Optics 10/15mm lens options



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