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SetUP & Focusing Adaptor For IP Camera POE

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 SetUP & Focusing Adaptor For IP Camera - POE


1.  IP TOOL is used when installing POE-powered IP cameras which require final in-situ configuration such as focus,aperture, and direction. The IP camera, its network cable and POE source (switch or mid-span injector) should be fitted according to the manufacturer's instructions. Check the camera is receiving power directly before introducing IP TOOL.
2.  The procedure for accessing the camera from the laptop is the same as if you had connected to the camera over a crossover cable, or any IP network, and you should contact your camera supplier if you require any support.IP TOOL integrates network crossover, so any standard patch cable can be used to connect to the laptop.
3.  Accessing the camera using a PDA is only possible if this is supported by the camera manufacturer.IP TOOL is compatible with IEEE 802.3af POE. and most IEEE 802.3at POE Plus or other POE types up to 30 watts.

IP Camera configuration made easy - and FASTCSVIDEO's PINPOINT adapter solves a common problem.

How do you view the image or configuration page of an IP camera locally,

without disconnecting it from the network and losing POE power?
By routing installed Power over Ethernet power to the camera, but diverting its network connection to

your laptop or PDA, PINPOINT lets you get your camera focused and set-up quickly and accurately.


Network connections

POE in (from installed network, RJ45 socket)
Ethernet (to laptop, RJ45 socket)
POE out + Ethernet (to IP camera, RJ45 plug)

Network specification

10BASE-T or 100BASE-T compliant
Half or Full Duplex supported
Integrated network crossover
Cat5e patch cable included

POE standards supported

IEEE 802.3af (regular POE)
IEEE 802.3at non-LLDP (regular POE Plus)
"Always-on", and "spare-pair only" POE
Most proprietary high-power POE to 30 watts
LED indicates POE is active


65 x 32 x 20mm 


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