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Full Range Camera and Bug Detector

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Full Range Camera and Bug Detector 



  •  Laser detection camera from 10cm-10m(the naked eye can identify red flashing)
  •  Radio detection of camera range 5cm-10cm(according to the decision transmit power from the camera)
  •  Power at 50mw-200mw detection range 30-50cm.
  •  Power at 300mw-600mw detection range 100-200cm.
  •  Power at 800mw-1200mw detection range 300-1000cm.
  •  Power built-in lithium batter 20mAH.
  •  Operating current 8mA.
  •  Probe laser wavelegth of 92nm.
  •  Receive frequency range of 100MHZ-6500MHZ.
  •  Special filter lens.
  •  Material ABS.
  •  Size:93mm*48mm*17mm
  •  Weight:58g.


Detects all types of cameras, wireless and hardwired! This new generation of detector combines two types of the most popular detector we sell an RF detector and an IR laser light detector creating the most advance countermeasure device available in a handheld.
The RF detection can pick up both wireless camera signals, as well as audio bug transmissions.
The IR laser detector will detect both wired and wireless hidden camera lens, even if they are turned off!
Lightweight and easy to use - this detector is sure to find any bug out there!

Package includes:

1 x CC308 Full-frequency detector Almighty                                              

1 X Earphone

1 X Headphone                                            

1 x Manual



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