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True entrepreneurship and high standards
Axis Communications was formally founded in 1984 by Mikael Karlsson, Martin Gren and Keith Bloodworth. The year before, Mikael Karlsson and Martin Gren founded Karlsson&Gren Firmware, but when they met Keith Bloodworth, Axis Communications was established. Martin was the engineer with the product vision, Mikael was in business administration and Ketih was the person who gave us the name Axis as well as the indirect sales-model.

The business model has resulted in Axis becoming the global market leader in network cameras and video encoders. Today, we’re driving network video development, providing a variety of network video products and creating various Internet of Security Things products to broaden the use of IP networks.
Axis doesn’t follow the market – we lead it. We’ve stayed at the forefront by constantly challenging the status quo. As the leading experts in our field, with a strong focus on R&D and innovation, we believe it’s our role to anticipate market needs, respond as quickly as we can and always deliver the best possible quality in everything we do.


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AXIS Partner